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As a former DI student athlete,  I know how hard it can be to navigate and prioritize athletics, school and social life. My goal is to help you find greatness on and off the court/field/diamond and during and beyond your student athlete career. I will provide endless brand research, information and news so that you can trust your gut as you make life, career and athletic decisions.

Read on to begin discovering and comparing the most promising brands and learning the latest and greatest ways to take advantage of your NIL. 

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Jane is a former student-athlete turned fitness, health and nutrition enthusiast with a passion for learning more. Since graduating from College of Charleston and playing DI indoor & beach volleyball, she’s spent the last three years building her marketing career with backgrounds in product, service and government marketing. When not writing, researching or working, her nutrition certification, dog, travel, volleyball and yoga flows are keeping her busy 24/7.


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We spend thousands of hours researching products in order to keep our reviews authentic and accurate. We are proud that all the information, comparison tools, and personal experiences we share remain objective, independent, and accurate to the very best of our knowledge. If you notice that anything we’ve published is outdated or otherwise untrue, please reach out so we we can correct any misinformation right away.

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